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This week I have been developing the web site/web app hybrid of our new independent film venture Indie Film Equities. IFE is the official funding portal for New River Releasing’s feature length films, a place where Independent Filmmakers and Investors meet. The site is built on WordPress using the Standard Theme, and is set to launch sometime this year (we are waiting on specific guidelines from the SEC, but that is another blog post). As I was building out the membership login/payment functionality, I was able to seriously dive into PHP for the first time. PHP is the server-side language that makes up the heart and soul of WordPress and so far it is a lot of fun to work with.

Anyway, Wordpress has been and continues to be a great CMS for myself and my clients, but I have recently discovered a potential game changer for how I develop Content Management Systems, if not a complete game changer then at least a worthy option. I am referring to Statamic.

Statamic is a dynamic, static site generator. static + dynamic = Statamic. Pretty clever.

In the words of Statamic’s creator Jack McDade

Statamic is a dynamic, flat file content management system that’s completely powered by static files. That’s right, there’s no database in between your application and your content.

That sounds pretty awesome to me. Bring it.

There are tons of resources and documentation on the Statamic Home Page and the developer community is already robust, which means this platform should be in active development for a while and the third party add-ons should cover a variety of needs. Also, at $29 for a Personal license and $99 for a Professional license, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Without a doubt, I will be buying this for my next project.

Has anyone used this platform? Is anyone developing Add-Ons?

Please share your thoughts and experience.