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New Adventures in Wi-Fi

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So this week I started a new adventure. I accepted a full time, remote position at Ushahidi as their Front-End Designer & Developer. This week is my first week and so far, so good. I am working with an amazing global team that spans across 7 time zones. They are awesome people and have provided a very warm welcome.

[Pro-Tip] Chrome Web Inspector - Dock to Right

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I recently saw a Paul Irish video where he had his Chrome Web Inspector docked on the right. In my development workflow Chrome Web Inspector was always docked on the bottom, but seeing it docked on the right just made more sense. So I decided to enable that feature, but I initially had trouble finding it. So I thought I would share how to find the “Dock to Right” feature for anyone else having this trouble.

Here you go…

Right Click
Inspect Element  or ( ALT + CMD + i )
Find the dock icon at bottom left
Long click for "Dock to Right" option

Tame the Wild

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This week I have been developing the web site/web app hybrid of our new independent film venture Indie Film Equities. IFE is the official funding portal for New River Releasing’s feature length films, a place where Independent Filmmakers and Investors meet. The site is built on WordPress using the Standard Theme, and is set to launch sometime this year (we are waiting on specific guidelines from the SEC, but that is another blog post). As I was building out the membership login/payment functionality